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Get Ready To Activate Marketing Campaigns With Mobile Wallets

Few marketers in Europe and the US are activating marketing campaigns via mobile wallets today. Expect that to change quickly as these regions mimic China’s Alipay and WeChat Pay by applying mobile wallets beyond payments to drive value-added services. This report helps B2C marketers evaluate opportunities to engage consumers through mobile wallets like Apple Wallet and Google Pay, starting with their promotion and loyalty strategies.

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Captain Wallet allows you to operate a breakthrough in your mobile strategy. Engage, send push notifications and stay in your client’s phone with no dev and no app thanks to Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

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Google Pay is now available!

Google Pay + Apple Wallet 
100% mobile reach on your customers’ mobile for all your marketing campaigns.

Get Ready To Activate Marketing Campaigns With Mobile Wallets

Captain Wallet is thrilled to introduce you to the Mobile Wallets focused report by Forrester. Discover the key opportunities Mobile Wallets can offer to your business.

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Get into your customers’ Mobile

Loyalty, membership and ID cards, sales & offers updates, e-booking, click and collect, tickets, there’s always a good reason to engage your customers in just 1 tap.

With our easy, massive and personalized mobile marketing solution, improve your customer engagement and boost your revenue.

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Use Case Jacadi
How to transform your Loyalty Program into a core business asset ?
Loyalty program, foot traffic, reward conversion, customer life time value, frictionless customer experience.
Modernize your program and increase your loyalty ROI.
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Use Case Interflora
How to drive more visits and revenues on your website ?
How to increase your mobile footprint without or on top of your app ?
Discover a drive-to-web strategy available on iPhone and Android.
Download the use case
Use Case Picard
How to generate more traffic in store ?
How to engage customers on mobile thanks to personalized offers ?
Picard chose Captain Wallet to leverage mobile wallet offers as part of their promotional experience.
Download the use case
Use Case Europcar
Captain Wallet shifts Europcar into high gear.
70% of Privilege Loyalty members are satisfied with their new digital card stored in Google Pay.
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Captain Awarded


Captain Wallet exceeded our expectations in terms of both drive-to-store and coupon usage. On some offers, we have seen redemption rates of up to 50% among customers who installed a Picard coupon in their Wallet.
Emmanuelle Bazin
Head Customer Marketing, Digital and Home Deliveries


Captain Wallet has made the engine behind our loyalty program. They manage to get the job done perfectly in no time. Their specialty is everything around loyalty and wallet. They are agile, smart and very reliable.
Jean-Noël Penichon
Information Technology VP for France


Captain Wallet is a group of real tech-savvy digital enthusiastics. They tailored for us a loyalty program 2 years ago, and have been running it since then. Moreover, they help us address our loyalty and customer relationship management issues to continuously increase attractiveness for our customers.
Julie Savary
Communication & Marketing Director