Engage your customers efficiently with mobile wallets

Mobile wallets are Apple and Google preinstalled applications on all smartphones. Connect easily with your customers and increase your traffic up to 60% while saving up to 40% on your budget.

Bring your mobile marketing strategy to the next level
with Apple Card and Google Wallet

1 tap install

1 tap install

With mobile wallet marketing, contribute to the safety of our planet by enabling your customers to save their digital offers, loyalty cards, onboarding passes, concert tickets, Click & Collect and more.

New push notification channel

Update your wallet pass content and send push notifications – personalized, automated and location based – directly on the lockscreen of your customers and prospects’ smartphones.

Content personalization

Content personalization

Personalize and segment your Google Wallet and Apple Card campaigns in real-time with our intuitive mobile wallet marketing platform. Connect with the right customers at the right moment.

Mobile wallet push notifications - Captain Wallet

No app required

Get rid of tedious mobile application developments and maintenances. Preinstalled on smartphones, mobile wallets engage and connect easily with customers and prospects.

Engaging with mobile wallets will create deeper connections with customers and boost drive-to-store and drive-to-web campaigns.

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Europcar mobile wallet pass on Apple Wallet and Google Pay

Less plastic, better ROI

10 times more efficient than email marketing, 40% cheaper than SMS marketing, +100% reach compared to mobile apps, mobile wallet are a highly performing and clean alternative to traditional marketing medium in plastic and paper.


Create and automate your notification push campaigns in a few clicks

Create and automate your notification push campaigns in a few clicks

Have full control over your Apple Card and Google Wallet campaigns with our intuitive SaaS platform.

Our Account Managers will design a tailor-made journey with mobile wallets and help you to get the best out of the platform for your brand.

Get great performances with mobile wallet

Purchase frequency


Increase up to 63% purchase frequency



Increase up to 45% your revenue

Wallet usage


Mobile wallets are preinstalled apps

Europcar fully digitalized its loyalty program with Google Wallet
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