Why choose the mobile wallet ?

Integrated into the heart of the mobile, the Apple Wallet and Google Pay wallets allow you to relay your content directly to your customers’ phones. You gain visibility, simplify your customers’ mobile experience and generate more revenue.

Features of mobile wallets


Dématérialisation en 1 clic

Digitization of your marketing materials from any point of contact

Push notifications

Notifications push - Captain Wallet

Send personalized and automated push notifications to your customers’ mobiles


Envoi de relance des notifications push - Captain Wallet

Dynamization of your media installed in the wallet with the content you want

Wallet goals and scenarios are endless

Whatever your goals, the use of wallets can be adapted to the needs of each brand.

Loyalty, acquisition, reactivation, digitalization, drive-to-store or combinations of these scenarios can be implemented to meet your business needs.


Dematerialize your marketing materials in the Apple Wallet and Google Pay wallets and relay all of your content directly to your customers’ phones.

Also favor contactless experiences at the point of sale thanks to having your digital media in wallets.

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Visibility & Top of Mind

Stay visible on your customers’ phones anytime or anywhere. Send personalized, promotional, follow-up or service push notifications directly to your customers’ mobile phones.

Notifications are displayed on locked screens and redirect to the dematerialized card in the wallet.

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Provide your customers with a dematerialized loyalty card in the wallet in order to :

  • facilitate access to your program
  • relay customer benefits in real time
  • communicate your latest news or offers
  • send personalized messages
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Acquire new online and in-store customers by turning your existing communities or visitors into customers.

Encourage your visitors to dematerialize a wallet card to participate in a draw, take advantage of a new offer or to receive one of your latest articles exclusively !

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Customer relationship & Customer engagement

The traditional communication channels are completely saturated (email and SMS). Relay your content in a way that is much more adapted to new mobile uses and show your customers that you are listening to them.

The wallet brings together all interactions with brands, it is the hub that gathers the information that your customers are looking for. Directly under their eyes but without being intrusive and respecting a healthy degree of commercial pressure, the wallet allows you to set up an effective and balanced customer relationship.

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Client experience

Set up simple, personalized and secure paths with the mobile wallet.

Target the right customers at the right time and promote contactless experiences with your digital marketing materials in wallet applications.

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Your website traffic

Quickly generate traffic on your website by relaying your exclusive web offers via mobile wallet.

Also insert a link to your homepage or product pages on your wallet card.

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Attract your customers at the point of sale or in your restaurants by relaying your offers available in store by push notification or by dematerializing your withdrawal coupons (Click & Collect) in the wallet mobile applications.

Also activate geolocated notifications to target people who pass near a shop or a reference restaurant.

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Why choose the mobile wallet?

3 major reasons :

  • The wallet is a communication channel integrated into the very heart of the mobile, a device greatly used around the globe
  • It is 10 times more effective than emails, 40% less expensive than an SMS and has a reach 3 times greater than that of the app
  • It is a clean and economical alternative to paper or plastic marketing materials
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