Push notification on mobile Stay top of mind

Relay your messages directly to the mobile of your customers and prospects.
Integrate their daily lives and engage them with effective, relevant and personalized messages thanks to Apple Wallet and Google Pay mobile wallets.

A marketing channel directly integrated into your customers’ phones… and their daily lives !

Retention rate


Average retention rate of media installed in your customers’ mobile

Purchase frequency


Average retention rate of media installed in your customers’ mobile



Walletized inactive people are 2.5 times more likely to renew a purchase

Maintain a strong connection with your customers and prospects

Keep your customers and prospects informed of your latest news, offers, collections or upcoming events with push notifications and mobile wallet passes.

Efficiently relay or communicate your messages directly to their smartphone or send reminder notifications before an offer, gift certificate, voucher expires or an event begins.

Different types of push notification

Personnalisation des notifications push - Captain Wallet


Personalize the content of your push notifications and segment your wallet campaigns on iOS and Android. Target the right people at the time

Géolocalisation des notifications push - Captain Wallet


Attract customers and prospects within the perimeter of your points of sale. Boost your traffic and your in-store conversion rate with e-wallets

Envoi de relance des notifications push - Captain Wallet


Schedule the sending of your push notifications at the times and days you want or pre-define sending conditions

Communicate your latest news

Share your daily life and the daily life of your customers and prospects by communicating your latest news: new collection, shop, muse, recipe, point of sale experience, new designer, product, anniversary, tips or support for a cause.

Relay your offers, promotions or flash sales

Alert your customers in real time as soon as an offer, promotion, flash sale, contest or good plan is available.

Also send reminder push notifications before an offer ends.

Notify your customers before a voucher or gift certificate expires

Show your customers that each one of them matters! Send personalized reminder push notifications before a voucher or gift certificate expires.

Highlight your physical and virtual events or meetings

Encourage your customers to digitize your invitations or tickets in their Apple Wallet and Google Pay wallet, and send them push notifications to :

  • Remind them of the date of an event or meeting
  • Facilitate their access to your premises or your events
  • Alert them in real time in case of unforeseen events
  • and much more!
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Serve your customers and protect them

Once you have dematerialized your pickup coupons (Click & Collect) or e-reservations in Apple Wallet or Google Pay, send push notifications to inform your customers about the status of their order (order shipped, package dropped off at the store, or shipping delay).

Also keep your customers informed of the latest measures put in place at the point of sale to protect your visitors and employees (enhancement of contactless with the wallet, distancing, etc.).