Set up simple, personalized and secure customer journeys thanks to the mobile wallet.
Retarget visitors who have taken a specific action or promote contactless experiences by encouraging your customers and prospects to dematerialize your marketing materials in Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

The mobile has become the absolute device

Be present on the most consulted screen today:

  • Mobile usage rate of 56%
  • 2 hours average time per day on this device

Easy access to customer information

Simplify the task for your customers by encouraging them to digitize your marketing materials (coupons, invitations, e-reservations, loyalty cards, third-party payment cards, etc.) in Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

This digitization will allow your customers to access all their information in just one click (point balance, customer status, order status, etc.) and all your news (new collection, promotion, etc.).

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Personalization of the customer experience

Send personalized push notifications with your customers’ information or based on the actions they have taken: cart abandonment, inactivity, interest in a product, etc.

Also celebrate with them the events that are close to their hearts: birthdays, weddings, etc.

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Contactless at the heart of the customer journey

Protect your customers and employees at the point of sale by digitizing your marketing materials in the mobile wallet.

Upon simple presentation of this wallet card and without any contact with the cashier, the customer is quickly identified and can benefit from his reductions, accumulate points or collect his parcels.

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A perfect drive-to-store experience

Facilitate the online/offline transition. Make your store locator available on your wallet cards or send geolocated notifications as soon as a customer approaches a reference store.

Also dematerialize your pick-up (Click & Collect) or e-booking coupons in order to inform your customers in real time and by push notifications of their order status.

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