Dematerialization & Digitization

Without having your customers download an application, dematerialize any marketing support (coupons, offers, promotions, invitations, loyalty cards, third-party payment cards, insurance cards, click & collect receipts, etc.) in mobiles wallet from Apple and Google and update their content directly on your customers’ phones.

The advantages of dematerialization

Dematerializing your marketing materials in Apple Wallet and Google Pay has many advantages :

  • Produce less plastic and paper for the planet
  • Save time and money
  • Integrate a premium and efficient channel on mobile
  • Simplify the customer experience by online and at point of sale

What can be digitized in wallets ?

Digitize all the marketing materials you want in Apple Wallet and Google Pay :

  • Coupons / offers
  • Relationship maps
  • Loyalty cards
  • Invitations / access badges
  • Withdrawals / e-reservations
  • Third-party payment cards / green cards
  • etc…

There is always something to add to the wallet of your customers and prospects ! We help you find if you have no ideas 😉

Your discount coupons in wallet format

Dematerialize your promotional coupons in the Apple Wallet and Google Pay wallets in order to :

  • Make them accessible directly from your customers’ mobile
  • Send reminder push notifications before the expiration date
  • Quickly and without contact identify the coupon and the customer at the checkout
  • Reduce the risk of fraud
  • Relay new offers or other content once the coupon has been used
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Your relationship program fully digitized

Keep your customers informed of all your news and highlights by installing a “relationship” card in their wallet.

Update this relationship map and send push notifications to announce a new collection, a charity initiative or invite your most loyal customers to VIP events.

Our teams are there to help you find the best messages to push to your customers!

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Your dematerialized loyalty card

Offer your customers a digital version of their loyalty card. The risk of loss is thus reduced and your production costs for plastic or paper cards reduced.

Also allow your customers to access their loyalty program directly from their mobile in one click and to be informed in real time by push notifications of changes in their customer status, their point balances or to receive your exclusive offers.

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Digital and dynamic invitations or badges

Convert your invitations and badges to wallet format to facilitate access to your event information (time, date, location, etc.) and to send reminder or alert push notifications (modified schedule, canceled appointment, new speaker …) on the mobile.

Also identify the people present during your events thanks to the QR code on the pass wallet. Once the QR code has been scanned and the invitation has expired, update your wallet card with new content.

Your click & collect or e-resa receipts accessible from your mobile

Facilitate the collection of parcels via the dematerialization of a Click & Collect coupon. Display all the information relating to the withdrawal as well as the code.

Once the package is removed, update the pass wallet with the content you want.

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