Attract your customers and prospects to your points of sale thanks to mobile wallet marketing.
Highlight your offers available in store or dematerialize your withdrawal coupons (Click & Collect), invitations or e-reservations in Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

Attract your customers to the point of sale and boost your sales

Transformation rate


50% of coupons in wallet format are used at the point of sale

of purchase


The wallet boosts the frequency of point-of-sale purchases by 20%



The wallet boosts point-of-sale turnover by 10%

Reassure your customers despite the context

Inform your customers by simply updating your wallet pass and sending push notifications that you are in good standing with health measures, for example in the case of a health pandemic.

Facilitate contactless in your points of sale by encouraging your customers and prospects to dematerialize your marketing materials (loyalty card, coupons, e-reservation etc.) in Apple Wallet and Google Pay, and protect your employees and visitors.

Communicate your offers available at point-of-sale

Relay your offers, good deals or events available in store via mobile walletcand make your point of sale a privileged place for visits and sales.

Inform your customers and prospects of the launch of a new in-store offer by sending push notifications and updating the content of your wallet pass.


Take advantage of
Click & Collect

Generate point-of-sale traffic by facilitating “Click and Collect” with the mobile wallet.

Dematerialize your withdrawal coupons or e-reservations directly on the phone of your customers and prospects, and send reminder push notifications as soon as their package arrives to the store.

Speak to an expert

Attract people near your points of sale or restaurants

Send geolocated push notifications to the mobile of people passing by a reference shop or restaurant.

Capture their attention and quickly increase traffic to your store / restaurant / other.

Display your store locator from the mobile wallet

In addition to relaying your promotional offers or brand news, make your store locator available to your customers and prospects. They will be able to easily find stores near their home or work place.

Insert a link to your store locator on the back of the wallet card on iOS and at the bottom of the wallet card on Android.