Acquisition of new customers

Transform your community on social networks, traffic on your website and visitors to your points of sale into customers thanks to mobile wallet technology !

A powerful online and point-of-sale acquisition tool

Acquisition cost


The acquisition cost per customer via the wallet is less than €2 for digital campaigns

On line


30% of people exposed to an online wallet campaign install a card in their wallet

In point of sale


60% of people exposed to a point-of-sale wallet campaign install a wallet card

Turn your community on social networks into customers

Encourage Internet users to digitize your offers, loyalty cards, coupons or gift cards in mobile wallets via social networks, and enrich your database of leads who like your brand, your products or your services. Acquire :

  • Leads who have shown an interest in your brand by joining your communities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok …
  • Leads who have affinities with your customers using paid social.

Convert your site visitors into customers

Acquire new prospects/customers by highlighting your pass wallet on your website, regardless of the terminal (computer, tablet or mobile) or medium (banner, pop-in etc.) used.

This will allow you to identify or collect the information you want about your site visitors without them having to create an account or make a purchase.

Take advantage of the traffic of your points of sale

Using a QR code, NFC technology or your Wi-Fi, expand your database and maintain contact with visitors to your points of sale.

The acquisition process in the wallets is intuitive, simple and fast for the visitor: without any contact and in just two clicks, he installs the marketing support of your choice (coupon, loyalty card, invitation, third-party payment card, etc.) in their mobile wallet.

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