Customer relationship & Customer engagement

Maintain the conversation with your customers whatever the context :
inform them of your latest news, new offers or the follow-up of their orders. Make yourself useful, make yourself indispensable!

The mobile wallet, a communication channel
acclaimed by customers



Average retention rate of a medium installed in the wallets

Purchase frequency


Average increase in purchase frequency for walletized customers



Walletized inactive people are 2.5 times more likely to renew a purchase

Share the news that matters to your customers

Take advantage of the push notification and wallet card update features to relay your content directly from your customers’ mobile phones.

Inform them as soon as a new collection is released, the measures you have put in place for the safety of your visitors and employees, or your latest commitments.

Inform your customers of their benefits or rights

Send automatic push notifications to inform your customers of a change in status or point balance after purchase.

In just one click, your customers are also able to view their benefits or rights directly from their wallet.

Stay available even after purchase

Give your customers the possibility to track their order after purchase or encourage your customers to dematerialize a pick-up coupon (Click & Collect) or an e-reservation. Once the coupon is digitized in the wallet, send alert notifications to your customers’ cell phones :

  • Package shipping
  • Package receipt in store
  • Package delay
  • etc.
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