Encourage your customers to digitize their loyalty card in mobile wallets and facilitate access to your loyalty program and your customers’ benefits.
Also relay all your marketing messages directly on mobile.

The wallet, a powerful local channel

Purchase frequency


Average increase in purchase frequency for walletized customers

Average basket


Average increase in the average basket for walletized customers



Walletized inactive people are 2.5 times more likely to renew a purchase

Dematerialized loyalty card

Simplify your customers’ journey with mobile wallets. Your dematerialized loyalty card in the wallet allows your members to consult your program and its advantages in just one click :

  • kitty
  • point balance
  • customer status
  • number of vouchers
  • etc.

The customer no longer needs to log into his account or search for all the information he needs in his emails.

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Dematerialized loyalty card

Once your loyalty card is dematerialized in Apple Wallet and Google Pay, inform your customers in real time of the change in their advantages (point balance, customer status, etc.) by push notifications.

The updates announced by notification are also visible on the wallet card.

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Relay your news, offers or highlights

In addition to the benefits of the loyalty program, relay on your dematerialized loyalty card all the content you want : latest news, exclusive offers or VIP events.

Then alert your customers by personalized and automated push notifications.

Discover our case studies
Wallet technology is a real asset for Intersport: we offer a smooth and personalized journey to our cardholders who access their dematerialized card as well as their dedicated offers in 1 click.
Matthieu Pellet
Chief Digital Officer
This new communication channel allows us to send messages in a different way from the usual emails and sms. It is important to note that the customer value of wallet carriers is greater than the others.
Inès de Champroux
CRM Manager
The wallet accelerates the dematerialization of loyalty cards, an approach totally in line with the values ​​of Maison Guerlain and its desire to be an eco-responsible brand.
Jean-Denis Mariani
Chief Digital Officer