Generate traffic to your site

Generate traffic on your website with mobile wallet marketing.
Inform your customers and prospects as soon as a new product or collection is released or relay your exclusive web offers via Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

Relay your web offers via mobile wallet

Your customers receive hundreds of emails that they no longer read or dozens of intrusive SMS messages. Allow them to find all your news and promotions on a dedicated place in the heart of their phone.

Wallet push notifications boost your website traffic and allows you to highlight products and services that your customers really want but don’t see through traditional communication channels.

Insert a link to your site on wallet cards

Your site’s problem is the same as your competitor’s: unable to generate retention. Thanks to the wallet, capture traffic and create a privileged place directly on the mobile of your customers.

Then encourage them to re-visit your site simply by sending them push notifications. Generate traffic to your website by inserting a tracked link on your Apple Wallet and Google Pay wallet cards.

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