Captain Wallet from A to Z

Like you, they were looking for a new acquisition and retention channel. And they managed to generate excellent performance with the Mobile Wallet. Here they explain it to you from A to Z (or almost) 😉

Air France

“Our pass acceptance rate on the wallet is very high. We have a lot of activation, which confirms our good choice of this channel”.

Marie-Christine Voltaire, Mobile Marketing Manager

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“The wallet had a real impact on our performance. We managed to increase the value of our loyal customers by almost 30%”.

Mélodie Charles , Customer Marketing Director, et Estelle Joseph, CRM Project Manager

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“We can carry out local campaigns thanks to the geolocation enabled by the wallet.”

Bastian Dohla, Customer Account and Relationship Program Manager

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“The wallet allows us to offer a personalized customer relationship, which is key in the world of Luxury.”

Aude Picquand, International CRM & Client Experience Director et Léa Baudin, Head of Digital France

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“Thanks to the wallet, we were able to deepen the customer experience by creating new points of contact.”

Guillaume Diez-Sotto, CRM Project Manager

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“The wallet goes so far as to replace the SMS channel from a profitability and performance point of view.”

Deborah Mazzucato, Customer Marketing & Communications Director

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“For a group like ours, it is a solution that allows us to be global, in all our international markets.”

Bachirou Salao, E-commerce & omnichannel manager France

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Macif Advantages

“A push campaign via the wallet can generate up to 8 percent of arrivals on our site.”

Pierre Fertout, Chief Development Officer & Chief Sales Officer

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“The wallet completes and improves the experience of the mobile application and also makes it possible to digitize the in-store experience”.

Alexia Kerveleo, Loyalty CRM Project Manager

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