Wallet vs SMS, Emailing and Mobile App

Your traffic is mainly on mobile. Your customers deserve better than Email, SMS or Apps that are not widely downloaded and used. 10 times more efficient than Email, 30% cheaper than an SMS, 3 to 10 times more Reach than a Mobile App, Mobile Wallets are revolutionizing the way you communicate with your customers on mobile.

SMS vs Mobile Wallet

SMS marketing quickly consumes budget while it allows only one occasional interaction with the consumer.

The Wallet is 30% cheaper, dramatically increases visibility and efficiency through repeated push notifications and establishes a long-term relationship with consumers.

Emailing vs Mobile Wallet

Mailboxes are getting smarter and can now sort promotional emails from person-to-person emails.

Their performances tend to crumble and do not allow to have the same impact as a few years ago. Push notifications from Mobile Wallets are displayed directly on locked smartphone screens or as a banner on unlocked screens.

Mobile App vs Mobile Wallet

Pre-embedded on mobile, Wallets allow brands that already have an application to reach an additional audience on mobile, much greater in terms of responsiveness and volume.

For companies that have not developed an app, the wallet is the ideal way to quickly set up a premium channel on mobile, while saving time and budget on the development of an app.

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