Update of dematerialized wallet cards

Make your dematerialized cards “live” in the wallets by updating their content.
Relay all the messages you want directly to your customers’ mobile thanks to the wallet.

La carte wallet, une carte « vivante »

The wallet card, a dynamic pass

Take advantage of the pass wallet update feature. Once your marketing support (loyalty card, coupon, third-party payment card, invitation, etc.) has been dematerialized in Apple Wallet and Google Pay, highlight the content you want :

  • New offer
  • New product/service
  • VIP event
  • New tutorial
  • Updating the points balance
  • etc…

All scenarios are possible!


Automate the update of your wallet cards

Choose the day, time, place or update conditions for your pass wallet. Program :

  • Updating the points balance after a purchase
  • Highlighting an offer on the day of its launch
  • The update of your card to wish the birthdays of your customers
  • etc…
Personnalisez le contenu de vos cartes wallet

Customize the content of your pass wallet

Each wallet card is customizable. Display the first and last names, point balances or voucher expiration dates on your customers’ cards.

Also personalize your content according to customer profiles.

Customer Case Studies

Discover the success stories of Etam and Europcar thanks to the mobile wallet!
How to set up an effective communication strategy on mobile wallet ? What results can be expected from this strategy ?