Cartier & Captain Wallet

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Account managers  Account manager specialized in luxury

Présence à l'international  Mobile wallet usable worldwide

Mobile wallets  Pre-installed on iOS and Android smartphones

Envoi illimité des notifications push  Accessible anywhere, anytime

Conforme au RGPD  Traceable, secure, and transferable

Certificate of authenticity on the Wallet

Thanks to the Mobile Wallet coupled with the dedicated luxury sector Blockchain, the Aura Blockchain Consortium, you will be able to offer your clients access to their certificate of authenticity directly on their smartphones.

Your clients will be able to :

  • Access their digital certificate of authenticity anytime, anywhere.
  • Verify the authenticity of their luxury products with ease.
  • Transfer ownership of their authenticated items securely.
  • Maintain a digital record of their ownership and transaction history.
  • Enjoy a seamless and convenient user experience with the Mobile Wallet.